Statement of Purpose

COSBE Publishing Statement of Purpose

COSBE Publishing, Inc. is a 501 (c) (3) not for profit organization, established in 2007 with the following purpose:

The purpose of COSBE Publishing is “to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ "through the ministry of God called and gifted evangelists".

The company is committed to:

  1. The inerrancy of the Bible
  2. The virgin birth of Jesus Christ, the incarnate Son of God
  3. The sinless life of Jesus Christ
  4. His atoning death on the cross
  5. His bodily resurrection
  6. His physical return to claim His saints.
  7. The office of the evangelist as God's gift to the local church.

It is to be governed by a Board of Directors who share this commitment.

COSBE Publishing intends to accomplish its purpose through the publication of books and a magazine (The Voice of the Evangelist) and any other such material that conforms to its policy statement. The magazine is intended to promote the Biblical office of the evangelist. Books published will reflect its commitment and will seek to foster an understanding of the meaning of being a disciple of Christ in a post modern culture.

In the event the company makes a profit, all such funds will be used for the above stated purpose of advancing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The specific use of all funds will be approved by the Board of Directors.

From time to time the company may resort to fund raising through donations to accomplish its declared purpose. Any and all contributors may request a statement of purpose which will be freely provided.

While this company has theological and editorial ties to the Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists it has no financial ties to COSBE and has made no pledge to remunerate COSBE for the use of its name.